“Tu su Moji Djedovi Davno Sidro Bacili” – a verse in a song from a popular Croatian singer (meaning: “This is where my grandfathers dropped anchor a long time ago”)

First of all, before I start with this post, I have a little (but significant) confession to make. This time objectivity is completely out of the question – I’m going to be as subjective as it gets and for that I will have absolutely no regrets! 😀 And why…? Well, ever since I was a little kid, I used to spend my summers on this beautiful island. Somehow, throughout my life and to this very day, there wasn’t a single summer in which I didn’t manage to spend at least a few weeks here. And almost 2 years ago, during some turmoils of mine, I spontaneously decided to move from a big city to a place completely different from everything I was used to. Long story short, I didn’t regret it. And during those past two years, I managed to connect with this place like never before in my life. For me, there is something magical about this surroundings – whether it is sunny or rainy, calm sea or with big waves, no winds or storm winds, day time or in the middle of the night, every scenario has its own charm, every scene has its own kind of beauty.

Ratak peninsula and the near by islets, from left to right: Vrhovnjak, Sridnjak and Crklica
Even the vegetables growing here show how much they love this island and its environment!

So, if you picked up from the title that this is going to be one of those endless stories, well…you were wrong. There is a saying that states how a single picture is worth a thousand words and probably all of us sometimes have that feeling how we just cannot find the adequate words for the things we experience through our sight. You know, those rare moments when you see something almost indescribable…those images that leave you speechless…the scenes that take your breath away. Maybe the reason for that mentioned saying lies in a fact that we are visual beings and from all of our senses, our sight takes up the most significance – around 80% of total sensory input. Well, whatever the science is behind all of that, in the end what we feel makes the most importance to us…and we feel through our eyes…we feel a lot! That is why this time I will let the pictures speak for themselves and I will show you what I felt through my eyes and from countless moments I found worth admiring, you are going to see the ones managed to be captured on camera. And remember, when you look at some of these gorgeous images, you can bet that it was even more breathtaking seeing them and feeling them in person… 😉

Hope you enjoy this nature’s spectacle of light and colors… 🙂

A view from the clouds

The dance of colors

A different kind of window…

The faces of Poseidon

50 shades of sunset

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