Korcula Town - Old Town historical core
Old Town – the historic center of Korcula Town

I must admit, I never was a type of a reader that had too much affection for all those (usually very boring) intro segments of a book I was about to read. Most of the time I would happily skip all that (in my opinion) unnecessarily wasted pages and move on to “the good stuff” – the story telling part. Should I also admit that I was probably too young to understand the significance of those introductory parts? Where the book is almost trying to say something like “Hello, this is me, let me quickly explain how and why I came to be and what can you expect of my story!” Well, every time we encounter something or someone new in our lives, usually the first thing we try to do (if we are interested enough in the object/subject of the encounter, of course) is to become acquainted with that new something or someone. There is nothing strange about that nor did I discover uncharted territory with the previous statement – it is kind of a natural order of things or how that agent Smith guy from the Matrix movie nicely put it: “It is inevitable!” …or something like that.   😉

Prizba village - drone air shot
Ratak peninsula – a part of the beautiful Prizba village located on the South Riviera

With all that being said, if you are that type of a reader like I used to be, consider yourself warned and feel free to continue to some of the next posts, I will understand and I won’t mind at all. But if you are wondering what’s going on here, what will be going on and also if you would like to hear a few words what to expect, stick around for a little bit more and I will try to give you all the necessary info.

First of all, allow me to extend my welcome to you to this blog. There is this quote I really like with a great and positive message that is trying to pass on. So in the light of it, I sincerely welcome you dear readers, future and current friends and all of you curious 10822125555_877547fd18_z_editvisitors. My name is Petar, I will be your “captain” and together with my coworkers we will give our best to take you on a journey that will bring you the most interesting stories and impressions, the most stunning photos and videos, everything worth sharing and knowing about “our” pearl – the beautiful island of Korcula. What made us fall in love with that place? What are the natural beauties it possesses? What are its traditions and heritage? What inspired us to devote our time and energy trying to bring it closer to you? For answers on those questions and more, stay tuned for the upcoming posts about people and places, food and culture, curiosities and entertainment, in short – all those big little things that make life enjoyable, even worth living.

So, this introduction has come to its ending and now it is time to move on to that “good stuff” that I mentioned in the beginning. I hope you didn’t find it too boring and if it made you smile at least once, if it made you feel welcomed to these pages then its mission is fulfilled. Without further ado, let’s start this virtual adventure and open up the story of Korcula Island seen through the eyes of CINTRO.com team…

Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun reading, watching and discovering…

And remember the words of Hans Christian Andersen: “To travel is to live.”   🙂


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